Anna Dylag

Dr inż. Anna Dyląg


I am a doctor of economic sciences in the discipline of management sciences, and my PhD thesis concerns the involvement of residents in energy management processes in municipalities. I graduated with a master's degree in Management and Production Engineering (PŁ) and Geography (UŁ).

I am also an expert for the European Commission for renewable energy in the Horizon 2020 program, thanks to which I influence the shape of the energetic policy and implemented projects in Europe.

I am the author of numerous articles published in magazines and books on energy and management.

I work, among others, with municipal authorities, entrepreneurs, and hundreds of people whom I advise on the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy and energy management.


I developed my experience in Italy, where together with the energy department officials in Bologna, I implemented regional energy strategies.

I actively support the development of renewable and civic energy through participation in numerous conferences, movements, or organizations working for climate protection (Climate Kic), civic energy (More than Energy) or civil society (Inspro).

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